SandE-bg2-mobileAt S&E Appliance Repairs, we’ve been repairing refrigerators for a long time, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of changes in them. But the parts of a refrigerator that go out prematurely are often the same parts year after year. Here are three of the most common refrigerator repairs.

Broken Thermostat

Just like the thermostat in your home, a refrigerator’s thermostat helps to regulate its temperature. It measures the current temperature and then makes a decision based on the information it receives: if the temperature is too warm, turn the compressor on. If your refrigerator is too hot or too cold and the temperature controls aren’t working, you’ll probably need refrigerator repair.

Broken Starters

If your refrigerator is warm when you open it, there’s a good chance that the starter has given out. The starter works with the compressor, regulating the energy that the compressor needs in order to cool the refrigerator. It’s usually an easy fix that’s best handled by a professional.


Here’s a problem you can see and feel. Warped or torn gaskets can be costing you a lot of money as the cool air from the refrigerator escapes. (Also, because the compressor will have to work harder, you’re putting more wear and tear on your refrigerator which will probably shorten its life.) If you see the seals aren’t working and can feel the cool air escaping, contact us and we’ll perform the best in fridge repair.

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